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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Top 5 things to spend your money on

Where should you splurge? (In no particular order)

- Invest in a good carpet, we love wool! And if you are going the vinyl route, there are some great products out there that are just pennies more than the cheap linoleum that will make all the difference.

Upholstery - If you have a stellar sofa and chairs, you can really find inexpensive casegoods and have a really good looking living room.

Countertops - Having a good countertop makes all the difference. Something that is durable and lasts forever and looks beautiful will really make your cabinets look amazing.

Finish Work - Can make a house look like a million dollar home if you spend just a little more adding in the crown molding, doing a little shadowboxing, and beefing up your headers.

- People walk into a home and notice the light fixtures. You can set your house apart just by the lighting you choose to put in it.