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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Why does Michele love a double island?

1. Double Islands in the kitchen are the perfect solution for our hectic lives! They provide ample space for working, eating and creating.  Kids can be doing homework on one island, while mom is cooking dinner on the next.

Dunker Home- Michele Dunker Interiors Visual Comfort Lighting, Tozai Accessories, Brian Kershisnik art, Chinese Chippendale railing, floral by Andi Saxton Event Planning and Floral Design.

2.  Double Islands are ideal for parties and entertaining.  Guests flock to kitchen's during parties; this makes ample counter space and seating crucial. Drinks and appetizers can be set on one island and party goers can sit at the other.
Dahle Home- Michele Dunker Interiors.  Donghia Grass Wallcovering, Walker Zanger Backsplash, Tufenkian Runner by Barbara Barry with Caesarstone countertops. Florals by Andi Saxton Event and Floral Design.

 3. Double Islands are fun!  Character and function, what more can you ask for in a kitchen design?

Norman Home- Michele Dunker Interiors Visual Comfort Lighting
We think this quote captures perfectly the function our our kitchens.
"....We have to begin with a clear vision of what a kitchen should be.  some of us dream of a workroom entertainment space designed for hands-on cooking whenever a crowd convenes.  Others want a glamorous showplace filled with professional-quality appliances.  For many families, the kitchen needs to be a "mission control room"-- A casual dining space, homework head-quarters, and meal-preparation area all rolled into one.  And for those who do not cook , the kitchen may just be a place to chill champagne and make espresso. But whatever your personal kitchen fantasies and functional requirements are, we believe the kitchen design should fit in seamlessly with the style of the rest of your home."-Decorating Master Class, The Cullman & Kravis way