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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Monthly Giveaway!

Mark Hampton said of flowers, "Even the most hardened philistine seems to love flowers. They are what we present as tokens of our love. We wear them. We ornament our houses with them. They are fitting decorations for our most august occasions-weddings and funerals. So it is extremely rewarding to be able to grow and possess the tangible beauty of flowers". As fall approaches and the last of your summer flowers die, this faux flower arrangement won't! It is the perfect accent to any bedside table. Good luck!

Giveaway closes Friday, September 10th. Winner will be announced Monday, September 13th.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Getting out in the Community: Bear River Charter School Service Project

When Cache Valley Learning Center went from a private school to Bear River Charter School , they decided they needed to make the students environment more conducive to learning and give the school a face lift. Upon hearing this, Michele decided to donate her and her staff’s time to making this new look come to life.

Drawing inspiration from the exciting colors in a crayon box, we used splashes of blue, purple and green to transform the walls into exciting visual points. Large frame borders were painted around juvenile art boards to clean up the space and make the boxes pop off the wall. Black accents on trimming and heat registers added a refined sophisticated look that tied everything together. Bear River Charter School’s mission statement states that they will “provide a positive, dynamic, social and educational environment everyday.” The end result is a wonderful place that will aid in doing all those things!



This project was a great way to get out in the community and give back to those who make it so we can keep doing what we love! Thanks everyone!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Inside Scoop of Interior Designers

We read this in Mark Hampton's book on decorating and had to laugh because it is SO true. Here is a beautifully written insight into interior designers jobs - the not so glamorous side.

"The telephone rings. "We would like to talk to you about decorating our apartment." What does a decorator think? First, you wish you could see the person and the apartment at the other end of the line, because sometimes a decorator and a client can never achieve rapport in the realm of taste. After that, you wonder whether the caller is interviewing dozens of other decorators and whether she has just had a falling out wither her current decorator. In any case, the first phone call is not a point at which you are filled with cheerful anticipation. You usually rely on that very uncertain realm of impressions made by a voice, then consult your calendar and either make or not make an appointment."

Let's forget about the false starts and the misfires because this is about the sort of experience that makes the business of interior decorating worth all the headaches that seem to be part of the job. You do know about the headaches: horrible delivery lags, dye lots that are wrong, orders that are lost and never processed, worse still, orders that are incorrectly filled. And this short list does not include one's own mistakes, those self induced headaches."

And the list goes on... we were just glad to hear that even the most well known designers have the same ordering issues we do:)